Cinealliance is also the competent partner for co-productions. We are open for collaboration in projects with international productions. To the date, Cinealliance has accomplished projects with various clients and co-producers.

Working in co-production first, increases cost-efficiency. This has special actuality for foreign productions to considerably economize expenses, e.g. renting local crew or equipment. On the other hand, exchange of experiences between companies, new contacts, and maybe opportunities for further cooperation are advantages of joint production.

We give production support with equipment and crew, and creative support by professional designers, art director, artist, casting and location managers and other members of creative team. For your projects in Azerbaijan our team can acquire shooting permits and provide them with local cast and professionals. Vast range of up-to-date equipment, Studio with Green and Blue Screens and Sound Studio are also available for productions. In addition you can benefit from our video and stock footage database.
For more information about the services Cinealliance provides, please visit Services in our website.


Azerbaijan Film Co-Production